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At long last, after months of composing, tweaking, and frequently derailed Skype conversations, we would like to present our debut album.

It's hard to say how we expected Interminatis (pronounced "in-ter-min-AH-tee") to turn out. Certainly we were excited and aspiring to make something big... but did we really think we could pull it off? We were new to the concept of collaborating and more focused on having fun than making the Next Great Concept Album.

Whatever the case, we're proud to present Interminatis to you. We hope you like it.

This album follows the story of a man called Howard. He's a simple man on the surface, but underneath, he's an enigma. In a nutshell, he can't die... And, unlike some people may think, immortality isn't the end of the story.

We put our heart and soul into this album, so whether you like it or not, thank you for listening.


released 20 July 2013
Composers / Programmers: Tyler R., Vincent B., Brandon B.
Guitar / Vocals in "They're Gone, Gone": Vincent B.
Booklet Design: Vincent B.

All vocals recorded by Brandon B. in Tyler R.'s residence, except for "Homeland Destruction".

Album Artwork: Tyler R.
Logos for Interminatis / Forward: Vincent B.

Programming Software: Linux MultiMedia Studio
Audio Editing Software: Audacity, Sony Vegas

See booklet for a more complete list of credits.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Prelude
I am about to tell you the story of a man.
He's been alive much longer than you or me, and the unusual thing is that he didn't look that old, no older than twenty-five, but he'd been living for thousands of years.
He's gone through a lot but seems happy now.
Even still, if you see him on the streets, please try and take the time to give him a wave.
I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
Track Name: Interlude
I remember, like it was yesterday, the look on his face, the look of a man who had nothing.
I remember it very clearly: the look of a man who lost everything countless times.
Then, one day, the look changed.
Track Name: They're Gone, Gone
They’re gone, gone, gone.
I’d get along
if only I weren’t alone.

The wind’s so cold.
My aching bones
feel so old.
Am I so old?

Autumn, take me with you
when the winter beckons.
Evening, claim me as yours
when the sun comes.

They’re gone, gone, gone.
They’re gone, gone, gone.

I feel like the hollowed-out trunk of a tree.
I’m cold; I’m barren; I’ve lost all my leaves.
The winter’s cold fingers wrap round my body
like a blanket atop the one in which I sleep.

I’m frozen in water, awaiting the thaw.
I think that I would miss it if I slept at all.
It is hard to remember when I was content,
but I will keep on living just like I have been.

What else can I do?

July, I’m waiting for you.
Summer can’t be much farther than around the corner.
I keep praying something will break me
free from this curse I’ve been under.

Is there nothing else I can do
than mourn all the souls like you?
They’re gone. Their deaths I can’t undo.
Maybe someday, I’ll rejoin you.
Track Name: Postlude
Well, that's the story.
I hope you enjoyed hearing it as much as I enjoyed telling it.
It's important to note his story is not yet over.
He has many more roads to travel, many more people to meet, and many more lives to touch... such as mine.